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Hex Inv Schmitt Trigger SO14 NXP 74HCT14D.652

Hex inverting Schmitt trigger
Package: SO14

Pr. code:952-007
Can Ship Immediately440 pcs
External storage1 036 pcs
0,1200 USD
Price break excl. VAT
25 0,1140 USD
50 0,1080 USD
100 0,1020 USD
Quad 2 Input AND Gate SO14 NXP 74HCT08D.653

Quad 2-input AND Gate
Package: SO14

Pr. code:952-133
Can Ship Immediately42 pcs
External storage1 pcs
0,1500 USD
Price break excl. VAT
25 0,1425 USD
50 0,1350 USD
100 0,1275 USD