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Electron.com is an export brand of Radio plus Ltd. - electronic components distributor & reseller since 1990.

A Brief Company History

Radio plus Ltd. was founded in 1991 in Prague and it's a leading distributor of electronic components in Europe.
In 2001 Radio plus established a new office in China (Shanghai). It was a very important decision which helped to significantly improve quality & quantity of electronic components imported from China.

Electron.com - Electronic components

Radio plus has decided to offer a great value for worldwide customers with an Electron.com brand.

Electron.com is updated daily with new products and offers thousands of products available for customers to browse and buy online. Our target is to make a shopping process as easy as possible and provide a customer with the best possible service.

Company info:
Radio plus, spol. s r.o.
Biskupsky dvur 2095/8
Prague 1
Czech Republic
VAT#:  CZ41196384

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