Capacitors available at are from well known leading manufacturers like Yageo, Samwha, Jamicon, Vishay and others. Capacitors can be found in many applications and products such as power supplies, filters, charging circuits, amplifiers, ...etc   

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Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor C0805 10uF X5R 25V +/-10% Murata GRM21BR61E106KA73L
Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor SMD 0805
Capacitance: 10uF/25V
Dielectric: X5R
Tolerance: +/-10%
Pr. code:906-150
On Request
0,2000 USD
Price break excl. VAT
50 0,1300 USD
100 0,1100 USD
300 0,0900 USD
Electrolytic Radial E 1000uF/35V 13x21 RM5 85°C Jamicon SKR102M1VJ21M
Type: Electrolytic Radial
Capacitance/Voltage: 1000uF/35V
Size/Pitch: 13x21mm/5mm
Max. Temperature: 85°C
Pr. code:123-178
On Request
0,2400 USD
Price break excl. VAT
25 0,1680 USD
50 0,1440 USD
100 0,1200 USD
Electrolytic Radial E 1000uF/63V 16x25 RM7.5 105°C Jamicon TKR102M1JK25M
Type: Electrolytic Radial
Capacitance/Voltage: 1000uF/63V
Size/Pitch: 16x25mm/7.5mm
Max. Temperature: 105°C
Pr. code:123-725
On Request
0,8000 USD
Price break excl. VAT
25 0,5600 USD
50 0,4800 USD
100 0,4000 USD
Electrolytic Radial E 10000uF/10V 18x35 RM7.5 85°C Jamicon SKR103M1AL35M
Type: Electrolytic Radial
Capacitance/Voltage: 10000uF/10V
Size/Pitch: 18x35mm/7.5mm
Max. Temperature: 85°C
Pr. code:123-281
On Request
1,35 USD
Price break excl. VAT
25 0,9450 USD
50 0,8100 USD
100 0,6750 USD
Electrolytic Capacitor Snap-in E 10000uF/50V 30x45 RM10 85°C Jamicon LPW103M1HP45M

Type: Electrolytic Snap-in
Capacitance/Voltage: 10000uF/50V
Size/PITCH: 30x45mm/10mm
Max. Temperature: 85°C

Pr. code:123-305
On Request
3,95 USD
Price break excl. VAT
10 3,56 USD
25 3,16 USD
100 2,77 USD
Electrolytic Radial E 4.7uF/350V 10x13 RM5 85°C Jamicon SKR4R7M2VG13M
Type: Electrolytic Radial
Capacitance/Voltage: 4.7uF/350V
Size/Pitch: 10x13mm/5mm
Max. Temperature: 85°C
Pr. code:123-037
On Request
0,1450 USD
Price break excl. VAT
25 0,1015 USD
50 0,0870 USD
100 0,0725 USD
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