Peltier Module Hebei TEC1-12706

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Peltier Module Hebei TEC1-12706
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Manufacturer PNTEC1-12706
product description

Thermoelectric Cooler (Peltier Module) - TEC1-12706 

The 127 couples, 40mm x 40mm size module is a single stage module which is designed for cooling and heating up to 138°C applications.
You can heat up or get cold peltier module simply by reversing the polarity.

It's recommended to use Peltier module together with a heat sink to avoid being burned in 2 seconds after powered up!

When you connect Power Supply positive polarity (+) to red wire and Power Supply negative polarity (GND) to black wire, then hot side is the one with letters TEC1-12706 or the side where red wire is on the left and black wire is on the right.


Technical Specification:

  • Size 40x40x3.9mm (WxDxH)
  • Imax 6.4A
  • Umax 15.4V
  • Qmax (ΔT =0) 63 W ΔT max. = 68°C


  • Food and beverage service refrigerator
  • Portable cooler box for cars
  • Liquid cooling, wine boxes
  • Temperature stabilizer
  • Precise temperature control
  • Photonic and medical systems

This Peltier Module is also known as: TEC, Thermoelectric Cooler, Thermoelectric Module, Peltier Cell, ...


Type Peltier elementTEC (Thermoelectric cooler)
DesignWithout silicone sealed
Max. Temperature138°C
Max. Voltage15.4V
Max. Current6.4A
Qmax. @ Delta T=063W
Delta T max.68°C
P-N Junction127 couples
MaterialAl2O3 (aluminum oxide)
Wire Size18AWG
Wire length150mm
Wire Insulation MaterialTeflon
Manufacturer PNTEC1-12706
Standard Package60pcs
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